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Simplify and improve the management and delivery of your entire swimming operation with our award winning swim school software.

Take advantage of our industry leading poolside app, parent portal and back office portal to increase recruitment, retention and customer engagement. Manage memberships, bookings, franchises, and movement. Automate communications and billing.


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Innovative features to enhance your swim school.

Swimphony builds the most powerful and flexible tools for the swimming sector. With a focus on constant innovation, our award winning software platform facilitates the management, delivery and evaluation for the most successful learn to swim, baby swim, and national curriculum school swimming programmes in the world.


Mission Control

Swimphony Mission control is a simple and intuitive web portal that will allow you to manage and oversee your entire swimming operation, including scheduling, payments, memberships, bookings, waiting lists, member communication, and much more. Swimphony Mission Control will significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend on admin tasks so that you can focus on other areas of your business. 


Swimphony provides many features that are designed to streamline the running of your swim school so that you can focus on growing your business. Scheduling, bookings, payments, assessments, communications, and reporting are all taken care of for you.

Swimphony is able to take automate payments via debit card, credit card, and direct debit so that you can focus on running your swim school safe in the knowledge that all of your payments are being taken automatically. If any payments do fail, Swimphony will send out a series of emails and text messages to notify your members that their payment has failed and to ask them to make payment by another means. Whats more, you can control the content of these messages to ensure that your members always receive a personal touch.

Nobody likes paperwork, which is why Swimphony will allow your swim school to manage everything online via a simple and intuitive web portal, and allow your Swimming Teachers to take registers and record progression via our Swimphony App. You can access your Swimphony account from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Swimphony provides many communication options that will allow you to send text messages and emails to all of your members. Have you had to cancel a lesson at short notice? Would you would like to send some automated communications to any members that haven’t made their payment on time? Swimphony will allow you to do this and more.

Swimphony can provide your swim school with the ability to take bookings directly from your existing website with a fully branded online booking tool. You have full control over which courses are bookable, and can even specify that other some courses must be completed before a more advanced course can be booked.

Swimphony provides many reports that will allow you to fully understand and quantify the performance of many elements of your swim school including finance, occupancy, and member attainment levels.

Poolside App

The Swimphony Teacher App provides all of the tools required to maximise pool time and deliver swimming lessons in a safe and control environment.

Attendance is taken at the start of each lesson in seconds, with any pre-notified member absences being shown automatically on the register along with the reason for their absence. After the register has been completed, Swimming Teachers are able to record and track the progress of your members across your own swimming award scheme. At the end of each lesson the progress of your members can be viewed online by parents through their Member Hub account.


Registers for all of your swimming lessons can be completed in seconds at the touch of a button. Any pre-notified absences from members or parents are automatically displayed on your registers along with the reason for their absence. Swimming Teachers are also notified of any new members that have recently joined a class, members that have medical conditions, and any members that speak english as a second language in order to identify any potential communication issues.

Whether you use the Swim England award scheme, the STA award scheme, or your own custom award scheme, Swimphony will allow you to record and track the progress of your members quickly using our simple grading system. The Swimphony Teacher App has been designed and created with the direct feedback of  Swimming Teachers from across the country to ensure that it is simple to use, and doesn’t intrude on the delivery of your swimming lessons. At the end of each lesson any progress made by your members will be visible to their parents via their Member Hub account.

The Swimphony Teacher App provides a suite of resources including lesson plans, demonstration videos, guidance notes, and images that can be accessed at any time during the delivery of your swimming lessons to help support Swimming Teachers. Simply upload the resources that you would like your Swimming Teachers to use directly into Swimphony at any time.

Do your members need to bring their own clothes next week for life saving skills? Do some of your members keep forgetting their goggles or behaving badly? Swimming Teachers have the option to send notes to parents at the end of each lesson. Swimming teachers can choose to send a note to all parents, a specific group of parents, or to an individual parent. Parents are able to view these notes via email or by logging into their online Member Hub account.

The safety of all members that participate in swimming lessons is of paramount importance, which is why Swimphony makes it very simple for parents to provide details of any relevant medical conditions. These medical conditions can be viewed from the register before a swimming lesson starts so that Swimming Teachers can effectively risk assess their lesson, and medical conditions can also be viewed whilst delivering a lesson. Medical data is secured via 5 digit PIN numbers to ensure that Swimming Teachers are only able to see medical data for the members that they teach.

Parent Portal

Swimphony Member Hub is an online portal that allows you to connect directly with all of your members. Parents are able to view and track the progress that their children are making after their swimming lesson each week, make online payments, view their payment history, notify you of planned absences, manage their bookings, and much, much more. Member Hub is secure and GDPR compliant 


Swimphony allows you to upload your business logo and choose a colour scheme so that the Member Hub branding matches your existing website. This ensures a seamless transition for your members between your website and the Swimphony Member Hub.

Each swimming skill that is taught, and each swimming award that is achieved by your members is recorded by Swimming Teachers via the Swimphony Teacher App during each lesson. At the end of each lesson, this information is accessible to parents through the Member Hub where they can view the progress that their children are making along with any notes taken by the Swimming Teacher.

Swimphony supports online payments via credit card, debit card, and direct debit to simply the payment process for you and your members to ensure that you get paid quickly. Any failed payments are flagged immediately to you via Swimphony Mission Control and members are alerted to payment issues via email and a direct message into their Member Hub account.

Swimphony Member Hub also allows your members to view all of the lessons that you deliver so that they can book additional lessons for any of their children.

Member Hub allows all members of the same family to be managed from a single account. This makes it simple for individual or multiple parents to manage the bookings, payments, and messages, quickly and efficiently for all of their children.

Swimphony allows you to send messages to your members via email or text message. These messages can also be accessed by your members within the Swimphony Member Hub, where they can respond directly to you through our message centre. You will receive an alert on your Swimphony dashboard when your members have sent you a new message.


If you have any questions about our award winning school swimming software or would like to discuss setting up a no obligation free trial or demonstration, please complete the contact form below. Alternatively, you can call us and speak to our friendly and helpful team on 0800 808 9004.