These are the values that permeate our business. They make us who we are and everything we wish to be. They’re what make us different to our competitors and they inspire all members of the Swimphony family to be consistently awesome in everything that they do.


We exist to make things better. We continually reflect on how current and emerging technologies can be harnessed to consistently improve all of our existing solutions, and help to create new, innovative solutions that ensure that we achieve our fundamental objectives. Good is never good enough, and we will never stop innovating and improving our solutions for the benefit of our clients and the swimming sector overall. Our solutions will always be the very best available in the swimming sector.


Our fundamental business objective is to provide innovative digital solutions that facilitate and support the delivery of the highest calibre of swimming tuition in a safe and controlled environment, whilst collecting the most detailed and robust set of anonymised swimming data available in the sector to inform positive change that can significantly improve swimming delivery, provision and water safety nationally and internationally.


The importance of every client and partner that we work with cannot be overstated. Respect them, support them, and listen to them so that we continue to evaluate, improve and serve them better. Make sure that they feel valued in every interaction that you have with them. Continually strive to be better!


Take pride in consistently delivering exceptional solutions and experiences for all those that we serve. Prefer action over observation. When things are broken bring your colleagues and fix it. If you see an opportunity, collaborate and seize it!