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Swimphony enable, facilitate, promote and celebrate innovation in the swimming sector. Good is never good enough, which is why we are constantly looking at ways to improve our solutions to help our clients achieve excellence. We specialise in the design and creation of digital solutions within the swimming sector, and are able to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients exact specification.

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Our Approach

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This stage of the development process involves us consulting closely with you to ensure that we have a full and comprehensive understanding of all requirements, and the importance of this process cannot be overstated.

Any ambiguity within the development process can lead to expectations not being met, which is why we design and document entire solutions using flow diagrams, wireframes, and professionally created designs before a single line of code is written.

This is where the magic happens. We give you full visibility to your solution as it evolves throughout the coding process so that you are able to watch your ideas come to life over time.

This stage of the development process involves you providing feedback for the solution whilst our specialist team test the solution to ensure that it is resilient, robust, and exceeds your expectations.

Your solution is now fully operational and is live, but the hard work doesn’t stop here. We are able to provide ongoing support packages and we are always happy to develop new features and functions for our clients as and when they are needed.


If you have any questions about our award winning swimming software or would like to discuss setting up a no obligation free trial and demonstration, please complete the contact form below. Alternatively, you can call us and speak to our friendly and helpful team on 0800 808 9004.